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Celebrities’ Favorite Fitness Clothing Brands: Dress Like the Stars


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Celebrities have always been trendsetters when it comes to fashion, and fitness clothing is no exception. From stylish activewear to athleisure pieces, celebrities are often seen donning trendy and high-performance fitness apparel during their workouts and daily activities. These fashion-forward stars have their favorite fitness clothing brands that align with their active lifestyles and fashion preferences. In this informative guide, we will explore some of the celebrities’ favorite fitness clothing brands, including the popular brand Gymshark, and discover how you can dress like the stars for your fitness journey.

1. Gymshark: A Celebrity Favorite

Gymshark is a leading fitness clothing brand known for its innovative designs and trendy activewear. Loved by celebrities and fitness enthusiasts alike, Gymshark offers a wide range of high-quality and stylish options that cater to various workout styles. From comfortable leggings to supportive sports bras, Gymshark has become a go-to brand for celebrities who value both performance and fashion in their fitness clothing.

2. Beyoncé: Ivy Park

When it comes to celebrities who are passionate about fitness and fashion, Beyoncé is at the top of the list. Her athleisure brand, Ivy Park, has gained immense popularity for its empowering designs and inclusive sizing. Ivy Park offers chic and comfortable activewear that encourages individuals to embrace their strength and confidence during workouts. With a combination of bold patterns and flattering cuts, Ivy Park is the epitome of athleisure fashion.

3. Kate Hudson: Fabletics

Actress and fitness enthusiast Kate Hudson co-founded the activewear brand Fabletics, which has quickly become a favorite among celebrities and fitness enthusiasts. Fabletics offers stylish and functional fitness clothing, including leggings, tops, and sports bras. The brand’s subscription model allows customers to receive personalized outfit recommendations each month, making it a convenient and fashionable choice for active individuals.

4. Rihanna: Fenty PUMA

Rihanna’s collaboration with PUMA, known as Fenty PUMA, has made waves in the fashion and fitness worlds. Fenty PUMA offers edgy and fashion-forward activewear that blurs the lines between streetwear and fitness clothing. With bold colors, oversized silhouettes, and innovative designs, Fenty PUMA has become a favorite of fashion-forward celebrities who want to make a statement with their fitness attire.

5. Selena Gomez: PUMA

Pop sensation Selena Gomez has teamed up with PUMA to create a collection of trendy and comfortable fitness clothing. PUMA’s activewear line, endorsed by Selena Gomez, offers a mix of sporty and casual pieces that are perfect for both workouts and everyday wear. With stylish hoodies, crop tops, and leggings, PUMA’s collaboration with Selena Gomez adds a touch of celebrity flair to any fitness wardrobe.

6. Jessica Biel: Gaiam

Actress Jessica Biel has a passion for fitness, and her activewear brand Gaiam reflects her commitment to health and well-being. Gaiam offers a range of yoga apparel and accessories that prioritize comfort and functionality. With calming colors and soft materials, Gaiam’s collection is a favorite among yoga enthusiasts and those who appreciate mindful fitness clothing.

7. Jennifer Aniston: Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga is a celebrity-favorite brand known for its luxurious and performance-driven activewear. Actress Jennifer Aniston is among the many celebrities who have been spotted wearing Alo Yoga’s stylish leggings and tops. The brand’s high-quality materials and flattering fits have made it a staple in both the fitness and fashion worlds.

8. Kendall Jenner: Adidas

Supermodel Kendall Jenner has collaborated with Adidas on various collections that combine sporty aesthetics with fashion-forward designs. Adidas, a renowned sports brand, offers a wide range of fitness clothing and athleisure wear that appeals to celebrities and fashion enthusiasts alike. From classic tracksuits to modern crop tops, Adidas’ versatile activewear has become a celebrity wardrobe essential.

9. Gigi Hadid: Reebok

Supermodel Gigi Hadid’s collaboration with Reebok has resulted in a collection of chic and sporty fitness clothing. Reebok’s trendy activewear, endorsed by Gigi Hadid, offers a mix of classic and contemporary designs that resonate with fitness enthusiasts seeking both style and performance.

10. Hailey Bieber: Nike

Hailey Bieber, a fashion icon and fitness enthusiast, often sports Nike’s activewear during her workouts and casual outings. Nike, a global sports brand, offers a wide range of fitness clothing that combines cutting-edge technology with trendy designs. From running shoes to sports bras, Nike’s collection has become a staple in the wardrobes of celebrities and fitness enthusiasts alike.

11. Emma Roberts: Outdoor Voices

Actress Emma Roberts is a fan of Outdoor Voices, a brand that focuses on versatile and comfortable activewear. Outdoor Voices’ clothing is designed for various activities, from yoga to hiking, making it a favorite among active individuals who appreciate functional and stylish options.

12. Chrissy Teigen: Lululemon

Model and cookbook author Chrissy Teigen is often seen sporting Lululemon’s activewear, known for its high-quality fabrics and flattering fits. Lululemon offers a wide range of fitness clothing, including leggings, shorts, and tanks, that combine performance with fashion for the ultimate athleisure experience.

13. Zendaya: Tommy Hilfiger

Actress and fashion icon Zendaya has collaborated with Tommy Hilfiger on a collection of athleisure wear that seamlessly blends sporty aesthetics with high-fashion designs. Tommy Hilfiger’s activewear line, co-designed by Zendaya, offers trendy pieces that are perfect for both workouts and streetwear.

14. Olivia Culpo: Alala

Actress and former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo is a fan of Alala, a brand that specializes in edgy and fashion-forward activewear. Alala’s collection features unique designs and bold prints that allow individuals to express their personal style during their workouts.

15. Taylor Swift: Koral

Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift has been spotted wearing Koral’s chic and comfortable activewear. Koral offers a range of stylish and functional fitness clothing that combines luxury fabrics with cutting-edge technology for optimal performance.

In conclusion, celebrities’ favorite fitness clothing brands are a source of inspiration for fashion-conscious fitness enthusiasts. From Gymshark to Ivy Park, these brands offer trendy and high-performance activewear that allows individuals to dress like the stars and feel confident during their workouts. With inclusivity and innovative designs at the forefront, these celebrity-endorsed fitness clothing brands are reshaping the fashion landscape and empowering individuals to embrace their unique style and athleticism.

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